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Where has the TIME Gone?

A wise man told me once to make more appointments...! This seemed odd to me at first with a crazy busy schedule. A schedule I might add that has appointments sometimes stretching into the next year! I was watching my children grow up too fast. There are days, weeks, and months that seem to fly by.

I found myself looking at my full calendar and now, a man I respected, told me to add to it!? After the conversation was done I realized what he meant and what I needed to add. I was able to accomplish a lot in my busy schedule because I had a time and place set aside to get something done or accomplished. I gave myself deadlines, priorities, and timetables. Oddly enough, I had failed to do so in the most crucial areas of my life... my time with the Lord, my wife, my sons, my daughter. While I was making time, scheduling time, setting aside time for the world, I was letting time slip away from me in the most crucial areas of my life. This was cause for a pause, reflection of time and a refocus of my calendar. It is a very humbling and convicting thing to sit down and reflect where your are spending time intentionally, and where you are allowing time to "just happen".

Scripture states: "So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12 NASB95." You and I need to realize, our days here on earth are brief. We are given so many days and that is it! In wisdom we need to grow and understand that we need to use them wisely. I am merely a manager of the time God has given me. I will give an account for each and every day, minute, second. Without intentional investment of that time, I will find myself wasting what He has blessed me with.

Time "just happening" does not happen. I started scheduling in time on my calendar. I began to have a lot more appointments. There is an alarm that goes off at different times each day to remind me to pray for and with each of my children. There are moments and events scheduled to take time with the woman God has blessed me with. There are coffee appointments with my sons, daddy daughter dates with my baby girl. There are hours of prayer set aside to speak with my Savior just He and I. there are times set aside for Him just to speak with me. When life comes up, and it will, I let them know, "I have an appointment, can I fit you in some other time?".

Next time you find yourself looking at something in your life that is important to you, asking yourself, "Where has the time gone?". I would encourage you to open up your calendar and see! Discover for yourself where it is going and consider where you may need to proceed with a heart of wisdom realizing our days are numbered.

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