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"Follow Me"...

It was one of those mornings. I had more to do than I could write down on my to-do-list. I was approaching one of those days that just seemed overbearing. I wish I could say to you reading this, that on those days I dive into God's Word all the more. I desire to write that my prayers are even greater on days like that. But sadly, often the busy schedule consumes my thoughts and my time with the Lord gets shortened, sometimes even set aside. Shocking to hear a pastor say that? It should be shocking, I know better, I teach the opposite, yet... sometimes I find it difficult to practice what I preach.

This particular morning however was different. I realized that the day held more than I could handle myself... so I sat down in my office and opened the scriptures. I had chose to read John. My desire to spend time with my Savior was deep. John is such an intimate book looking at Jesus. In my times with the Lord this year I have been reading from the Christian Standard Bible version. It has been a very refreshing read.

I appreciated as I read, the reminder of the opening verses of chapter 1 of just who this Jesus I love truly is. His intimate role in what I see and love around me. My very existence is because of Him! The power He has, the position of authority He holds, yet... He came that I could know Him, so we could know Him! As I read, reading slowly... the clarity of who Jesus is and how He began to call those around Him to Himself. It hit me in a profound way when I read verse 43, "The next day Jesus decided to leave for Galilee. He found Phillip and told him, "FOLLOW ME".

How profoundly powerful! I took this simple command and sat in the chair applying it to myself.It was as though the Lord was speaking to my heart that morning. Jed... "FOLLOW ME". Stop getting up each day and telling Me what needs done, cease running ahead in the craziness of life, slow down Jed and notice Me, watch where I am leading you, stay close, know my heart, and "follow me". I sat there pondering what it meant to follow. If I follow Him, there will be some paths that I pass by. In following Him there may be certain things He has me approach that I would have avoided. Some paths may look steep, hard, difficult... yet I am to look to Him and follow. Often, the path seems to be shrouded in a fog. The unknown that lies ahead is sometimes unsettling. BUT... when I follow Him, I find myself in greater communication (Prayer), asking Him more than telling Him. I find greater assurance along the path, not because of the ease but because of His presence.

Just so you know... the day that seemed overbearing, with more to do than I would want... Well, that day did not get less busy. There were burdens unforeseen. Paths I would have liked to avoided. Yet, this under-shepherd of a pastor was still learning to trust and follow the Chief Shepherd. We had good fellowship that day, I was more aware of His presence and leading. There was great comfort in following.

As a side note, pray for your pastors. They are sheep leading sheep as each one of us follow our Great Shepherd Jesus Christ. Jesus simply states to you and I "FOLLOW ME".

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