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My next blog...

I always have in my mind what I will write next. I usually think that it has to be clever or catchy, when truth is that I do not blog in order to get more views, followers, or even noticed. I write to express my mind, thoughts and perspective. A way to put into words the life I am living, visualize my struggles, victories, or even the status quo of life. I think when we begin to think that life has to be exciting is when we begin to allow discontentment creep in.

I find that as we move forward in life, our relationships, and our walk with God... it can be vital to see where we have come. We can see the slow progress, or be warned of the subtle sliding backwards. There is the underlying danger of just going through life and not being intentional. I find that as I write things down it causes pause, reflection, and from that intentionality is produced.

You may be reading this blog, these random thoughts from a random guy, or maybe you know me well. Either way I hope this helps you consider your own path you are taking. I pray as I come back and read this that it once again causes me pause...

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