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Image by Lynda Hinton

What I Believe

Understanding what you believe and why it really matters is something few give very much thought to. As I have compiled over the years the things I believe and expressed why those things matter it has given me a better sense of who I am and more importantly who God wants me to be. 

Image by Reuben Juarez

My Story

We enter into and come out of multiple seasons of life as we live out our story. Each of these seasons do not define us but rather contribute to the person God is molding us into. 

Image by Nynne Schrøder

Abilities & Giftedness

It is amazing to take time to reflect on who God made you to be, and to unwrap how He might want to use you with the gifts He gave you! It is a worthwhile discipline to reflect on this and then take time to make sure you are not wasting the gifts He has given you. 

Image by Noah Buscher

Roles & Responsibilities

As we go through life we find ourselves in varying roles. Each of those roles have God given responsibilities that we need to both consider and follow. As we understand this better, we grow into the person God desires more and more.

Image by Ben White

Lifework & Learning

Learning, it comes in many forms and seasons. It is something none of us should ever stop doing. What is it you are learning. Have you reflected on this lately?

Compass Pointing North

Life Plan

Where are you going? If you have no direction odds are you will get nowhere in life. It takes intentional planning.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Habits of the Heart

Plans only goes so far. Good intentions leave one wanting. Laziness can become habit. One needs to strive to intentionally form and stick with the habits that will allow them to be all God desires and intends for them to be. 

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