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As I live longer than some and much shorter than others I find that the legacy we leave is more and more important. This is best done through personal interaction with others (mentoring) yet sometimes we find that we can have an impact that while it may be less effective, can still be effective. 

Passing on the things we have observed and learned over the years can equip others to be able to go through similar experiences. It is my prayer as I develop and add to this site that the things here will encourage, equip, address raw emotions and even allow others to chuckle at life's ironies. 

I make no claims to be an expert on life or God. However, I do seek to be real about real life, real issues, in real ways by pointing others to the infallible Word of God, to real truths, to a real God who really cares. 

I hope you enjoy this site and would look forward to any suggestions or discussion you may have. 

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